Aviation Security Manager

The course is targeted middle managers and executives in the aviation industry or people who have a managerial relation to decisions about the security at airports, airlines or affiliated companies to the industry. Course participants learn to organize, plan, conduct and assess aviation security crisis management to ensure that the overall crisis management system is properly analyzed and implemented.

Benefits of SHIELD’s Aviation Security Manager (ASM) Course

  • Insight, techniques and skills in developing and managing international aviation security, as well as in measuring security performance
  • Security measures towards full integration with all airport and airline process
  • Identify and manage risks
  • Communication with the Civil Aviation Authority, cargo agencies, airlines,  airport service providers and other security agencies
  • Move towards a secure passenger and cargo security experience
  • Ensure continued compliance with aviation security standards
  • Build a security culture in your organisation
  • Evaluate the operation of the security system
  • Quality Control, audits, inspections and tests
  • Ensure that security measures add value to the airport and airlines

Designed For

  • Managers, representatives and execuritves from civil aviation authorities
  • Experienced handlers from the aviation industry including those involved with either passenger and/or cargo operations
  • Members of airline or airport boards of directors
  • Authorities for aviation security
  • Police, military and emergency response teams
  • Border control authorities

Course Content

  • Threat toward the Civil Aviation
  • Role of ICAO and IATA in the aviation industry
  • National and International Security Legislation
  • Access and Perimeter Control
  • Screening of Passengers and Baggage
  • Ground Handling Security
  • Security Adjustments
  • Contingency and Crisis Planning
  • Security Systems and Security Operations
  • Emergency Respsonse
  • Risk Management and Threat Assessment
  • Recruitment of Security Professionals
  • Supervision & Control
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Performance Management
  • Technology and Equipment
  • Lean Thinking and Quality Control
  • Security Management Responsibilities

Assessment by: Written and pratical test