Basic Airport Security

SHIELD offers a basic course in airport security. It’s targeted to improve participants’ knowledge of the latest in airport security, risk assessments, threats, first aid and technological development.

Benefits of SHIELD’s Basic Airport Security (BAS) Course

  • Cost-effective training program
  • Updated information on aviation security issues, the latest systems and procedures
  • Learn to plan and implement airport security measures
  • Develop and improve your security flow
  • Evaluate airport security threats

Designed For

  • New employees and airport/airline security guards
  • Law enforcement personnel involved in airport operations
  • Team Managers from companies involved in airport operations
  • Government representatives involved in Security, Customs and Immigration
  • Personnel on a recycle program in security

Course Content

  • Global Civil Aviation Security Structure
  • Threats & Risks to Civil Aviation
  • Security Legislation
  • Control of Passengers & Baggage
  • Recognition of Firearms, Explosives and Incendiary devices (RFX), and dangerous goods
  • Using x-ray equipment
  • Advanced Cabin Baggage X-ray (ACBX)
  • Explosive Detection Systems (EDS)
  • Goods x-ray equipment
  • Threat Image Projection (TIP)
  • Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) equipment
  • Liquids testing equipment
  • Technology & Equipment in Security
  • Security and Passenger Facilitation
  • Response to Security Emergencies
  • The threat to aviation
  • Objectives and organisation of aviation security
  • Security communications
  • Response to security incidents
  • The role of the Police and incident reporting
  • Maintaining effective security
  • General security awareness
  • Air/Land-side access control and security
  • Preparing people for security checks (PAX-flow)
  • Walk Through Metal Detectors and Hand Held Metal Detectors
  • Searching and checking aircraft.
  • Basic First-aid

Assessment by: Written and practical test