Emergency Response Course

Emergency Response Course equips participants with the knowledge in how to effective respond to an emergency. We give the knowledge and training in acting to incidents and crisis, and to do damage control, damage assessment, emergency response and plan activation.  Emergency response helps organizations to ensure the safety of employees and to minimize the impact on information and infrastructure assets.

Benefits of SHIELD’s Emergency Response Course

  • Resources to recover and resume critical business operations
  • Learn how to stay ahead of emerging threats rather than reacting to them
  • Understand the importance of employing effective response measures
  • Master how to strategically evaluate countermeasures

Designed For

  • Employees and managers
  • Crisis Management Teams
  • Security Managers
  • Executives and Board-of-directors
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Emergency response teams
  • NGO’s
  • Government representatives involved in Crisis Management

Course Content

  • What is Emergency Response and understanding the disaster life cycle
  • Emergency Response
  • Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Incident and escalation management
  • Assess the risk and threats
  • Track and trace incident events and prioritize decisions and activities
  • Strategic evaluation of security measures
  • Transiting from emergency response to business recovery-resumption
  • Technology integration

Assessment by: Written and practical test

Qualifications: NON