Advanced Travel Security Course

Advanced Travel Security course is primarily intended for employees travelling on a frequent basis/are about to be stationed overseas for a longer period of time. The course takes as its point of departure the geographical location that the employee will be residing in. On this background we review risks that are specific to the country, region or city in question. Similarly, we look at ethnic sensitivities, local customs, cultural and religious do’s and don’ts, and other factors of relevance to personal safety and security.

Another feature of the course is a Destination Analysis report produced by SHIELD’s analytical department. SHIELD Travel Online

Benefits of SHIELD’s Advanced Travel Security (ATS) Course

  • Learn how to stay ahead of emerging threats
  • Be better prepared to respond to an crisis abroad
  • Further your understanding of safety procedures
  • Understand the importance of employing effective security measures
  • Master how to strategically evaluate countermeasures
  • Access to SHIELD’s 24/7 hotline

Designed For

  • Employees
  • Managers
  • Executives and Board-of-directors
  • NGO’s
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Government representatives
  • Aviation and airline employees

Course Content

  • Basic Travel Course
  • Anti-kidnapping measures part. II
  • Psychological and physical survival in captivity
  • Handing interrogation
  • Residential security
  • Travel pattern analysis
  • Surveillance detection
  • Safeguarding values abroad
  • Destination risk assessment

Assessment by: None

Duration: 1 day

Qualifications: NON