Protecting Yourself in Hostile Environments

The risks of death, personal injury or kidnapping have to be taken into consideration by anyone working in, or travelling to today’s trouble spots around the world. However, in many cases such dreadful incidents can be avoided thought knowledge, preparation and common sense.

SHIELD has put together a self-protection course that trains participants to operate under extreme conditions in conflict areas. Protecting yourself in hostile environments is a necessity.

Each course is tailor made for the client, after consultation, to fully prepare their employees before/or while working in a potently threatening locations and therefore address and reduces potential risks.

Benefits of SHIELD’s Self-Protection Course

  • Enhance your current safety and security knowledge
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Understand how personal safety and security integrates with Human Resource Management
  • Develop preventative threat and error countermeasures
  • Further your understanding of the safety procedures
  • Gain insight into how “human factors” affect company safety
  • Improve your understanding of staff training and safety inspections
  • Find out how to reduce accidents

Designed For

  • Employees
  • Managers
  • Executives and Board-of-directors
  • NGO’s
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Government representatives

Course Content

  • Analyze threats and evaluate security risks in your environment
  • Learn how to manage safety risks proactively
  • Learn how to evaluate safety performance
  • Basic first aid
  • Kidnapping and countermeasures
  • Local security procedures
  • Basic survival techniques
  • Travel pattern analysis
  • Surveillance detection
  • Attack recognition

Assessment by: None


Duration: 1 day course


Qualifications: NON