Security professional

SHIELD has long been a trusted provider of training solutions for security professionals. Based on our extensive experience of developing and providing security courses to companies and governments, SHIELD now offers training programs and courses for security professionals.

All courses are designed to introduce the participants to the essential requirements of the security role, and ensure they have a thorough understanding of their role and responsibilities, whether in guarding buildings or VIP’s, Managing CCTV, Defensive Driving, Security Management, Airport Security or Maritime Protection.

SHIELD has operations and offices throughout most of the world, and with the world as our office we can ensure that all training meets international and national requirements. Our local presence with our own guards around the world ensures that we have and can offer the required certifications and licenses to educate security professionals.

We give security professionals the tools to safeguard themselves and others in high risk environments. We equip participants with the skills to mitigate risks to their personal safety, to safeguard company assets and executives, as well as preparing them for defensive action should an incident occur.

Courses offered include:

Security Training Program


Defensive Driving


Security Management Course


Close Protection Training