Security Training Program

For security guards to protect themselves and others, it is necessary they have the right education and training in how to act as a safety professional and handle crisis situations.

SHIELD’s course for security guards is based on experience and professionalism, our goal is to train professional security guards and ensure they have the right tools to provide a high security in intense situations and areas.

Our training facilities are located at our international offices. This ensures that we can provide local training and offer cost-effective training programs for companies and security professionals.

We also offer on-location training which would be customized in accordance with the principal locations requirements. A strict evaluation process will be applied to all security personnel to safeguard necessary professionalism and credibility.


Designed For


  • Security Guards
  • Force Protection Guards
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Security Managers
  • Government representatives involved in Security
  • Personnel on a recycle program in security



Course Content

  • Access Control (ID-control and access procedures)
  • Search and Equipment Procedures (physical, vehicles, etc.)
  • Conduct, Behaviour and Dress Code
  • Fire safety
  • Health and safety
  • The Law (civil and criminal)
  • Response Procedures (in case of an alert etc.)
  • Administrative Security Procedures
  • Basic First Aid
  • Follow-up control of Basic Force Protection Training
  • VIP and protection procedures
  • Patrolling Procedures
  • Communications Procedures
  • Conflict Management
  • Contingency and Evacuations Procedures and Drills
  • CCTV Procedures (camera surveillance etc.)
  • Counter Terrorism Procedures and Measures
  • Recovery Procedures (Business Continuity)
  • Specific Rules and Regulations
  • Other

Assessment by: Practical test


Qualifications: Security Background